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Bronzed Turkeys

Turkey Pose Guide


This particular turkey is one of our standard poses. It has a full strut head, tail up and fully fanned, wings down all the way, chest puffed out and it is on a base. This pose can vary in several ways to show a different attitude or action. As with any pose you can choose to have it on a limb on the wall, or on a base so that you can set it on a solid surface. If you choose to have it on a limb it can either be facing left or right, or it can be facing straight out into the room. The wings, head, and tail can be customized to your specifications. An example of this would be if you like the head on an alert bird as opposed to the full strut head, this would be considered a full strut/alert. Any natural variations in this pose that you may want can be adjusted to your needs.


Half strut is another one of our most popular standard poses. It has a half strut head, tail down and curved, the wings are half way up, back fluffed, the chest is semi puffed out, and it is on a base. This pose can also have many variations to show a different attitude or action. You can choose to have it on a limb on the wall, or on a base so that you can set it on a solid surface. If you choose to have it on a limb it can be facing either left or right. The wings, tail, and head can also be changed to suit your taste. Any natural variations in this pose that you may want can be adjusted to your needs.


Whether mounted on a limb or table top base, the tail angle and positioning are the distinguishing factors between Gobbling Strut with the tail up and fully fanned out and the Half Strut Gobbling with the tail down and curved, three fourths spread. The wings are down and open three fourths revealing the spurs. The chest, head and neck are fluffed. The head is extended and the beak is open. This pose is on a limb and can be mounted at a left or a right angle, as well as looking out into the room.


Naturally on a base or limb, this pose has many natural potentials such as Running, Walking, Feeding, or Standing Alert. The tail is closed or open a third of the way and cupped usually set at a downward angle, wings closed up to the body, and fluffing the chest or back is optional for the scene. Turkey attitude as for body angle and neck length is optional for the customer. We use a straight up alert head or a relaxed S-shape head which will work for about any position. Head colors can vary between lighter colors, Summer and Fall, dark red, bluish grey, or white for mating or aggression.


More natural on a limb, but can be mounted on a base. The tail is closed or can be open and cupped for flying off the roost. Wings are up tight to the body, or open a little or fully extended. The chest and back feathers being fluffed is optional. The neck is stretched as much as the feathers will allow. Heads used vary from a straight extended head to an S-shape relaxed.


Whether your turkey is flying left or right on the wall the tail has a full fan, wings are fully open, feet can be hung down to show the spurs, neck and head fully extended, and the snood is hanging down to be seen from the room side.


Whether flying upward to the left or right, the tail has a full fan, wings are fully extended, the feet are hanging down to show the spurs, and the neck and head are at more of an upward angle, sometimes looking into the room or straight ahead.


Mounted for hanging from the wall but can easily be hung from a limb or a fence post scene. If hanging on the wall you will see the tail, back, wings, head, legs and spurs from the room side. The tail is open three fourths and cupped, the back and neck are fluffed, and the head colors are toned down due to lack of blood circulation in the head. This turkey can be taken off the wall as well as hung by its feet to see every beautiful angle.


This is a very popular pose. It usually takes two or more birds to tell a story. It is an action scene that can be done with an aggressive attitude or sparring. The birds can be standing or laying on the ground with another in midair on top. All positioning is customized at the request of the customer.


Hen turkeys mounted at The Turkey Roost are unlike any found throughout the taxidermy industry. In their many various poses and positions they range from a standing tight feathered bird to being fully fluffed like a tom in any position. Hens are offered in any natural position imaginable. With good feather quality hens are as attractive as toms.


The Turkey Roost is one of the first and finest in the marketing of real turkey decoys. As seen premiered on several of Primos’ hunting shows and several other outdoor videos, our decoys can be mounted in any natural position or specialty poses can be done on request. You will receive your decoy on a small 2×4 base or made to insert a metal peg. Our decoys are the same quality as all of our mounts and undergo the same long-lasting procedures. Our decoys are the most realistic found on the market.


Mounted to hang on the wall. For someone who doesn’t have the room for a full mount this is a great money saver. Parts used are a fully fanned tail, three fourths of the back feathers, and all of the chest. Heads used are generally in a strutting or standing position although any head can be used on request.


Mounted to hang on the wall with more parts used. The tail is fully fanned, three fourths of the back feathers are displayed, wings fully open on each side, and the feet will hang directly attached to the chest on the bottom lower side. This mount will take up much more room than the regular breast mount due to the wings being fully open but it is very appealing to the eye.


This mount has no inside form to be mounted on and can lay flat or hang on the wall. The parts used are the tail at full fan, and all of the back feathers up to the tip of the back of the head. This mount has no head and it displays only the back feathers and the tail.


Mounted on Walnut, Oak or natural barn wood. Displays tail at full fan and beard. Upon request, legs and spurs may be added for an additional cost.


This consists of two turkey heads mounted in the strutting or standing position with a small amount of neck feathers used and are attached to solid, native wooden bookends. The heads are usually painted in bright mating colors.


Turkey Roost products are in high demand and in order to supply all of our customers’ needs we will need a short notice if not in stock. You may also send your own for us to custom freeze-dry in our shop. Heads can be painted in any color phase as long as they are anatomically correct. Sending a picture is very helpful.