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Bronzed Turkeys

Shipping Instructions


In order for you, our customer, to receive the beautiful, high quality mount you expect, the responsibility begins with you. From the kill to our shop, whether it will be shipped or personally delivered, can be one of the major determining factors in the finished product. Shot placement is a major factor in feather quality. Although we can fix any broken or damaged feathers and bones, it is much more simple for us to produce a quality mount and return it to you quicker, without major feather repair. Try to shoot your bird in the head, at an angle so as not to damage any major feather groups or the tail and back feathers. Any body shot can cause major damage as well. If any of this occurs, please do not hesitate to prepare it for mounting. Any damage can be repaired. After the shot, with the gun unloaded or on safety, go to your bird as quickly as possible and hold it above the spurs by each leg in a fashion so as not to cause injury to yourself. This also prevents damage to any part of the bird until all movement of the animal has ceased. Tag your bird, as regulations may apply and carry it out by the legs trying to keep all feathers from any further damage. Before transportation, place a rag around the head, down to the waddles to soak up any excess blood and hold it in place with a rubber band. Try to keep the blood off of any of the neck feathers. Close the tail feathers together as on a standing bird and place a piece of cardboard on each side of it. The cardboard needs to be the same width as the tail to sandwich it into place. Tape or staple around three sides to hold it together. Any blood staining on the feathers can be removed and diluted with a mixture of Dawn dish washing liquid and water. Use one ounce of Dawn to eight ounces of water. This mixture can be sprayed or poured onto the area needed. Wipe off any excess blood in the direction in which the feathers lie, trying not to break apart the tips. Fit your turkey headfirst into a pair of women’s pantyhose to hold all the feathers and wings tightly into place, keeping the head away from the turkey’s body and feathers. Now the bird can be transported in a windy environment, like the back of a vehicle, without the feathers blowing around causing further damage. Place the bird in a large plastic trash bag, freeze the bird whole and do not skin it until shipping or delivery.


With the bird frozen whole, place in a cooler with wall insulation wrapped and packed around the animal. Depending on the time of year, in the summer or in warmer temperatures, ship UPS or FedEx next or second day. In colder temperatures around freezing, they may be shipped regular ground service. Please call before shipping for further instructions and let us know when to be expecting the package. We receive birds from all over the world, even those that need to go through a USDA certification and inspection. While making your hunting arrangements, let us know where and when you will be hunting and we will instruct you on how to prepare the bird and give you shipping instructions as per USDA.


We have a twelve month turnaround time on all items sent, but also offer a rush service at an additional charge that will allow you to receive your mount back sooner. Any mounts done on large, elaborate, wooden bases with scenery can be shipped, but may need to be picked up at our studio. We can supply any base or custom woodwork desired and can have them built to fit your needs. We supply a basic man-made tree limb for wall mounts or a foam base with scenery otherwise. A customer may want to supply his or her own base or limb of choice to be mounted on, please inform us before mounting your bird if so. When your bird is shipped back to you, we will instruct you on arrival and unpacking instructions.