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Bronzed Turkeys

About The Turkey Roost

“The Turkey Roost” was opened in 1998 as a family owned and operated business, with father Rick Morris, daughter Natasha Morris and son Drake Morris. We are unlike any other full time Turkey Taxidermy Studio. We specialize only in mounting wild turkeys in their various natural poses and positions. Any turkey we mount is done to the very best of our abilities and with precise anatomy, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

The turkeys we mount last our customers a lifetime, with adequate care and attention they will stay as beautiful as the day they were tagged. As you can tell, we use our own tried and proven techniques that are unlike any other in the industry. For that reason and that reason alone, we are trusted by hunters all over the world. We promote creativity from our customers when they are selecting the pose they want for their mount. We enjoy and appreciate each and every one of our customers and we put great thought into the mounting of their turkeys. Using our one-of-a-kind, special, proven techniques, our turkeys have won top awards all over the nation and continue to do so. We can accommodate all of your needs, whether it’s a single, or a multiple bird scene that you would like.

To start out with, we usually ask our customer to pick a basic pose for their turkey, such as Full strut, Half Strut, Standing, Gobbling, or Flying. From here, it makes it much easier for us to specialize your turkey mount, as opposed to trying to explain to us the little details on how you want your mount to look. After we have figured out how you want your turkey positioned, we then find out if you want to put it on a base, or if you want to hang it up on the wall. As a starting point, all of our turkeys are mounted on a foam base with habitat or on a natural oak limb to hang on the wall. Any turkey pose we mount can be on a base or on a limb, except for our breast mounts. From the foam base, your turkey can be placed in any special wood base of your choice, with scenery. As far as our turkey limbs, standard procedure is we will supply an oak or cedar limb already equipped to hang up on the wall. You also have the option to supply your own limb.